With more than 10 years experience at professional dealerships, the senior diagnostic technicians at Emission Doctor can repair and replace any swirl flaps to ensure your vehicle maintains at optimum performance.


What is involved in the process:

Consistent, everytime
  • We remove your inlet manifold which is then steam cleaned.
  • The EGR valve is then cleaned.
  • The badly designed swirl flaps are removed and replaced
  • The vacuum rail (that drives the swirl flaps) is then removed and blanked off.
  • We refit the manifold using brand new inlet manifold gaskets (these are often over looked elsewhere).
  • Remove and replace engine block breather.
  • The car will function the same without the flaps, the flaps are there for emissions purposes.

We Can Help Keep Your Car on the Road Longer.

Our Team is available 6 days a week, Mon- Sat from 10 AM to 5 PM

What is included

We always give extra value
  • Full Computer Diagnostic Report when we arrive.
  • Consultation before any work is carried out.

The other issue we regularly see with these swirl flap units is when the small screws holding the flap to the shaft work loose and find their way into the combustion chamber causing considerable damage.

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