The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve helps lower your vehicle’s emissions, and make your car more efficient. As gasses exit the engine, the EGR valve recirculates them into the intake manifold, where the engine is able to burn them again.


What is involved in the process:

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  • When the EGR valve is cleaned, the vacuum line connected to it should be inspected.
  • If the EGR valve isn’t working it may not be because it’s dirty; it may be that it’s broken.
  • When the EGR valve is cleaned, the gasket should be inspected and likely replaced.
  • Removing the EGR valve and make sure its conditions is repairable or not (In this case maybe you need to buy a new EGR Valve If your valve is not repairable).
  • After All We’re going to use Carbon to clean the EGR Valve and make it work like brand new .

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What is included

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  • Full Computer Diagnostic Report when we arrive.
  • Consultation before any work is carried out.
  • Hydrogen powered cleaning of the Engine and EGR Valve.
  • Pressure test afterward to make sure the EGR Valve is cleared.

The EGR valve should be inspected anytime your engine and intake manifold are worked on. Consult your owner’s manual to see how frequently you should have your EGR valve serviced.

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