With the ever increasing cost of fuel it has become even more important to obtain efficiency from engines in order to try and reduce the increasing costs of vehicle ownership.

Emission Doctor specialise in economy remapping of modern engines whether it is for an individual or for a transport fleet company.


What is involved in the process:

We provide performance , again & again
  • We achieve this by making optimizations to the manufacturer’s settings on the ECU
  • Most cars are made using a “one size fits all” approach to ECU’S, but this causes restrictions due to variations in air temperature, fuel quality,and altitude that are found across the world.
  • We remap and optimize your vehicles fueling for the UK, meaning your vehicle can finally reach its potential without being held back.

We Can Help Keep Your Car on the Road Longer.

Our Team is available 6 days a week, Mon- Sat from 10 AM to 5 PM

What is included

We always give extra value
  • Full Computer Diagnostic Report when we arrive.
  • Consultation before any work is carried out.
  • Software Remapping according to your needs
  • Custom options for ECU

As with all car modifications, remapping a vehicle does come with risks and downsides, so it’s worth bearing these in mind before you decide to go ahead with the process.

Firstly, it’s important to remember than not all cars can be remapped, usually due to their age. Typically, car’s produced before 2000 are too old and don’t feature the ECU needed to optimise the vehicle’s performance.

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