We use state of the art Hydrogen cleaning technology to remove carbon build up deposits from your Engine, DPF system, EGR and inlet allowing your engine to breathe freely. This gives your engine a new lease of life, more power, better fuel economy and unblocks DPF filters, EGR Valves and inlet system of built up carbon deposits.


We carry out a comprehensive 4 STAGE DPF cleansing process to ensure we clean deep into your blocked DPF filter.

Stage 1. First we warm the engine and DPF system then start to inject Hydrogen gas into the inlet, this starts to dissolve the carbon deposits.

Stage 2. Using a high pressure gun we directly inject special cleaning chemicals into the DPF filter element at pressures up to 5 BAR!

Stage 3. Then we use our specialist diagnostic computer to force regenerate the DPF using exhaust temperatures up to 800 Degrees!

Stage 4. Again we directly flush the exhaust system with a final rinse solution to ensure any remaining particles and matter are cleared from the system.

Price for Stage 4 DPF Cleansing from just £199.00

Takes around 1.5 hours to complete (Mobile Service Available)


What is included in the process:

We provide performance , again & again
  • Firstly you need to book an appointment with one of our full trained engineers to come to your home or work.
  • Upon Arrival our engineer we will use the computer and diagnostic tools to scan the vehicle for fault codes.
  • Once these checks are completed we present the findings to you, explain what the problem is and what we can do to help you and your vehicle.
  • In most cases with DPF Problems a Hydrogen based clean of the engine and a Regeneration of the DPF Filter will be enough to clear your DPF blockage problems.
  • If the filter is really badly blocked then we can offer our comprehensive and unique 4 STAGE cleansing process.
  • If you have any other fault codes showing on the vehicle before we start the job we will always consult with you first to advise if there is any additional cost.

We Can Help Keep Your Car on the Road Longer.

Our Team is available 6 days a week, Mon- Sat from 10 AM to 5 PM

What is included

We always give extra value
  • Full Computer Diagnostic Report when we arrive.
  • Consultation before any work is carried out.
  • Hydrogen powered cleaning of the Engine and DPF Filter.
  • Full Forced Regeneration of the DPF using our diagnostic tools.
  • Pressure test afterward to make sure the DPF blockage is cleared

At the same time for a small additional fee we can remap your car’s engine to give you better MPG, a cleaner, smoother running engine, and more power right throughout the rev range.

This gives the vehicle a much better all-round driving experience, and makes it run much cleaner so DPF problems in the future are much less likely to occur.

With regular cleaning of your DPF filter you can avoid these problems and stay on the road.

Ask about our members club, were you earn points towards free treatments and preventative maintenance for your own vehicle by recommending us to friends!

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