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We provide a one-stop mobile solution for all emission and ECU related issues, including DPF Filter cleaning, EGR Valve cleaning, Adblue System faults, swirl flap issues, hydrogen based engine cleaning, and DPF deep cleaning direct to your door.

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Don’t hesitate to call with any questions, were happy to help answer them!

  • DPF Cleaning

    We use state of the art Hydrogen cleaning technology to remove carbon build up from your Engine, DPF and EGR system.

  • EGR Cleaning

    A clogged EGR valve will increase your fuel consumption and make your car run rough. We solve that problem

  • Adblue System Repairs

    Adblue systems can cost thousands to repair, we can rewrite the way your car uses Adblue meaning your never stranded

  • Swirl Flap Repairs

    Having swirl flap issues? repair costs too high? We have an alternative to save you money

  • Economy ECU Remapping

    We guarantee that each map installed by us is 100% custom to your vehicle only.We will NEVER use generic maps.

  • Fully Mobile Service

    We are a fully mobile service, providing top class service and 100% Customer Satisfaction.

We Can Help Keep Your Car on the Road Longer.

Our Team is available 6 days a week, Mon- Sat from 10 AM to 5 PM